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Hetalia Oc-Berlin by DarkPhoenixAngelus Hetalia Oc-Berlin :icondarkphoenixangelus:DarkPhoenixAngelus 2 0 Hetalia Oc-Quebec by DarkPhoenixAngelus Hetalia Oc-Quebec :icondarkphoenixangelus:DarkPhoenixAngelus 1 1 Hetalia Oc-London by DarkPhoenixAngelus Hetalia Oc-London :icondarkphoenixangelus:DarkPhoenixAngelus 1 0 Hetalia OCs-Nova Scotia by DarkPhoenixAngelus Hetalia OCs-Nova Scotia :icondarkphoenixangelus:DarkPhoenixAngelus 2 0


Blood x Reader
You were the second outsider. After Alice had returned home, you were the next player. You had heard the stories of how Alice had ventured through the countries of heart, clover, club and spade. Now it was your turn.
You were entirely different. You stayed at the Hatter’s Mansion with Blood, Elliot and the twins. You were friends with everyone much like Alice was. There was only one difference that made you stand out. Your love for Blood Dupree.
“So how did you like the book (y/n)?” Blood asked as you returned it to him
“I loved it, especially the plot. I was so captivated by it” you chirped
“I’m glad. It makes me happy to see you enjoying my library” Blood softly smiled as you lightly blushed
“I suggest this one. Tell me what you think of it once you’ve finished” Blood handed you a book that had a red leather binding.
You nodded and walked back to your room and began reading. The book was about a man who had plenty of p
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 99 9
Claiming tomorrow (V x Reader)
"Look this way, sweetheart."
"Don't, V."
V lowered the camera slowly, looking both parts puzzled and slightly hurt. It was a bright, sunny day today, the light streaming into your apartment and the open window allowing in a pleasant breeze. Spring was on its way. As you looked over at V, you took a fleeting moment to appreciate how beautiful he was, even simply hanging out with you, his signature sunglasses propped atop his soft teal hair.
"It's nothing. Just, you know I don't like having my picture taken. Besides, a world class photographer like you can surely find some better subject matter than just plain old me."
"Why would you say that?" V asked, not in a defensive or offended way, more like he earnestly wanted to understand.
Though it was still early days in your relationship, you were constantly finding new things you loved about V. Perhaps it was just something so new and exciting to you that was clouding your judgment, but you didn't care. Being with him was the
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 70 20
Waiting for you
The  calm  autumn  breeze was  a  bit  chilly  tonight. Waiting  for  my  boyfriend  was  a  chore  itself, but  it  all  was  worth  it once  he  came  back. I  made  sure  the  windows  were  closed  and locked  then got  out  some  cake  I  got  today.  Amon  was  very  picky  when  I  ate  sweets,  but he  knew  better  than to  just throw  them  away.  I  sat  on the  bed  we  shared  from  time  to time  when  I  slept  over.  The  scent  of  him  was  relaxing even  if  he  was  an awkward  person  at  times.  My  cellphone  started
:iconnarutoeatsasuke:narutoEATsasuke 39 13
By Your Side (Amon X Reader)
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
    As his lids slowly peeled open to reveal the glistening morning light, they only came to see a tent of snowy sheets about his figure and over his head as if it were protecting him. Even with the covers draped over his vision of the window, the amber hue still managed to break through the fibers of the blanket and glitter aimlessly onto the plush mattress. Inhaling sharply as he began to shift from his comfortable position, he tossed the sheets off of his form and squinted once he got a full view of the intense light. Birds outside the window had already begun chirping happily, as if they were a steady alarm to signal the beginning of his day. He propped himself up on his elbows, shuddering at the sudden draft reaching his exposed abdomen, yet he reluctantly widened his turquoise orbs to intake his surroundings, just as he had left them the night before. His shirt tossed neatly over the back of
:icongreystream:Greystream 112 28
Winter Mornings
[Amon x Reader]
You woke to a morning of cold winter weather; of course, dressed only in one of your fiancé’s over-sized shirts and underwear, the goosebumps on your legs were no surprise. It didn’t take long for you to wake up, pull on a pair of sweatpants, and walk out of the room.
“Koutarou?” you called, voice interrupted by a yawn. The kitchen light were the only ones that were on, save for a lamp in the living room.
“In here,” came his deep voice from the kitchen, as expected.
Your feet moved of their own accord, the rest of your body too tired to process any other command. The kitchen was brighter than expected, causing a flash of pain to flare behind your eyes,
“Good morning. Did you sleep well?” Amon asked as you positioned yourself at the dining table, rubbing your eyes to free them of sleep.
“Yeah. I didn’t want to leave the bed, but you weren’t there.”
The man took a seat across from you. You remove
:iconannikara:Annikara 77 5
[wrong numbers and right answers] iwaizumi hajime.
for espressocakes' contest!
“You've been on that damn phone for, what, 30 minutes now?” Iwaizumi growls, waving Oikawa's less than impressive test score across said boy’s face. “What are you, texting a new girlfriend?”
“Iwa-chan, I'm flattered you think I have a new girlfriend!” Oikawa’s ecstatic, typing with one hand and snatching away the sheet away with the other. “But no, I'm just trying to have a good time with my dear (Name)-chan,” Oikawa smirks as his friend’s eyes widen.  “Oho, I’ve got your attention now, have I?”
Iwaizumi wrinkles his nose, trying to get the test back. “Shut up, shittykawa. If I knew (LastName) better, I'd apologize to her because she has to deal with the likes of you.” The spiker makes a wild lunge for the test paper, because they came to his house to study, not so his
:iconreadyaimfireaway:readyaimfireaway 423 62
#MariChat l Miraculous Ladybug fanart by sassylin #MariChat l Miraculous Ladybug fanart :iconsassylin:sassylin 249 14
Look at me - Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader
Are you going to run away again?
You looked at yourself in the mirror, looking at all the bruises he had left on you from the night before. You let out a small sigh as you looked away from the mirror and covered yourself with your sweater. For the umpteenth time that night, you had sighed and buried your face into your pillows. You lifted the pillows to your bury your face even more as the faded scent of his shampoo was left in your pillow.
Even though that he had lived beside you in the same apartment building for about 3 years now, you couldn’t help but think that your relationship with the male was starting to get out of hand. You didn’t even know what was going on between the both of you anymore. The both of you attended Tokyo University, not often seeing each other when your on campus. When the day is over and all of your classes are finished, you somehow see him leave his class with a different girl every day. The same thing has happened today, looking up from
:iconcookierocks:cookieROCKS 74 8
Bad Day ~ Human! Kurloz x Reader
Today is just not my day.
From when my essay wouldn't print at home, to when I got put next to some stupid bitch in the new English seating arrangement, to when my favorite table got taken at lunch. Jeez, it seemed as though the world was out to get me. I must have scared my poor History teacher half to death when I asked/demanded a pass to the bathroom. I'm sure that, considering the fact that I had been sitting in the hallway crying for the past ten minutes, he's wondering where I am.
I heard footsteps coming my way, and while I was sure it was an administrator coming to take me to the office for cutting class, I didn't raise my head. I heard them slow, then stop, not far. It was silent, they didn't say a word, but I heard them shuffle towards me. I heard a thump, and I realized they had plopped down beside me.
I thumbed away my tears and looked up, hoping that it was a guidance counselor, or a nice teacher. But instead, it was only another student. Senior, it looked like, wea
:iconismellgooood:ISmellGooood 396 84
Morality - Male! Poison Ivy x Reader [AntiHero AU]
Morality - Male! Poison Ivy (Penn Isley) x AntiHero! Botanist! Female! Reader
>Penn Isley is the male version of Pamela Isley<
A slender finger made its way atop the rose’s petal. Even strokes made the rose bent his way, it reveled in his touch. His green lips would upturn and white pearl teeth would show themselves through. Any woman would be enraptured by his wonderfully exquisite features.
It wasn’t always this way. He used to be a weak human. A weak man that was taken advantage of by other women, however he didn’t mind. Not until the woman he thought loved had snubbed him of his true happiness. In return, he spurned the rest of the female species. Had taken a liking for destroying them. This would be his revenge.
Though in all his trouble to ignore and dislike (including hurt) all females, his eye had caught on one particular woman….
The rose under his finger bloomed to the point that its peta
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 338 60
Coincidental [Sousuke x Reader]
It was months after Sousuke's last swimming competition on the Samezuka team. He decided to no longer actively participate in swim team meets after finishing his last relay. Sousuke had often found himself opting for alternative options of rehabilitation for his shoulder injury.
"Damn it!" he cried out, quickly putting down a weight as he felt a twinge in his shoulder.
"H-Hey, are you okay?"
Sousuke turned around in the direction of the voice he heard, noticing you stopped walking on a treadmill. He took notice of the sling your arm is resting in and the brace around your knee.
"That barbell could've landed on your foot if you dropped it. Good thing you caught it in time," your eyes glanced down at his feet.
"Yeah," Sousuke replied, reaching over for his right shoulder before stretching it.
"I'm usually the only one doing physical therapy around this time. I'm surprised that someone else is here," you walked over, looking up at the tall swimmer. You slightly bowed. "I'm [Last name] [Fi
:iconsourumeitos:sourumeitos 120 3
Merman!Spain x Reader
“Are you alright?” An unfamiliar voice asked.
Startled by the new voice you quickly turn around to see where the source of it was.
In the lake with you was a tan man with shimmering emerald eyes that shone brightly with the moon and chocolaty brown hair. He was honestly a breath-taking person. Wait, get back on track!
“Chica…?” The man questioned after not receiving a response. Oh man, he was Spanish too. He started to move closer.
That's when you saw it. A tail. A gleamy, scaly, golden fish tail. Seeing the shock in your eyes before it even hit your mind, The fish-man thing swam quickly to you and hastily covered your mouth to muffle any possible screaming.
“I need you to be quiet right now, princesa.” He whispered in an urgent tone, obviously not wanting to find out about him. A few moments pass before the tenseness in your body fades, causing him to release you cautiously.
“Sorry.” You finally spoke, causing the person in the wat
:iconhetafan123:hetafan123 115 18
Nightwing x Villain! Reader- Masquerade (1)
“And who might you be?” You asked, frowning underneath your mask at the man standing in front of you, who had just rescued the Mayor that you’d been holding at gunpoint just seconds ago.
“Nightwing.” He replied, smirking at you and pulling the Mayor behind him so that he could take up a defensive stance.
“I thought Nightwing lived in Gotham,” You sniffed, taking a quick looked around to pinpoint any exits. “This is incredibly disappointing.”
“Gotham just isn’t as exciting any more. I assume you have a name that I can call you by when I hand you over to the police?”
“Masquerade.” You called, placing your gun back into its holster and sprinting towards the closest window.
He reacted quickly enough to stand in front of the window at the point where you were supposed to collide, but you swung yourself onto the floor below and slipped out of the window there instead. You heard his cry of surprise, and slippe
:iconfanfictionwarrior:FanfictionWarrior 26 0
Drunken Kiss {Magi Masrur x Reader}
    You quickly followed the bob of distinctive red hair through the Sindrian marketplace. Vendors boasted the most exotic fruit, most colorful clothes, and the most precious jewels. You had never in your life been as glad for Masrur's height and red hair as you were now, as the Fanalis Gladiator forged his way through the dense midday crowd. You needed to talk to him. You made a mistake, and you needed to apologize. You were embarrassed, sure, and terrified of his reaction, but you weren't going to leave things the way they were now. You just needed to talk to him. He continued walking, seemingly oblivious to your very obvious stalking. He ducked into a hole-in-the-wall shop, slightly astray from the grand bazaar plaza. You walked up to the door and decided to wait by it until he came out.
    You couldn't believe you had kissed him. In your defense, you were drunk, disoriented, and you were heavily influenced by the blowout Sindrian fes
:iconessentialessex:EssentialEssex 26 18
Gentleman [Gray Fullbuster]
        You weren’t sure how the Guilds ended up doing this, but here you were in a fancy dress with Guild talk and classical music buzzing through your ears. All of the Guilds were here. Your Guild, Fairy Tail, was the one hosting it (but it was in a hall big enough for everyone). Somehow or another they were able to cooperate long enough to put together such a thing.
        You took no part in planning, Leevy and Mira seemed to have most of that under control. Sure, they’d ask you about colours or decorations, but you gave them short answers; you didn’t really care. So you just stuck to being told to show up with your Fairy Tail mark exposed – if and only if it was in an appropriate place to show for a party; everyone knew Gray would end up undressing at some point, so no one even bothered to tell him to show his mark.
         You found showing yours was a lit
:iconkohakubutterfly:KohakuButterfly 38 1


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