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The Distance Between Us (Lie Ren x Reader)
You had your suspicions from the first time he walked into the little cafe you worked. You had your suspicions about these feelings that fluttered in your chest as you delivered his drink to his table and those bright eyes found yours. You had your suspicions confirmed as he came back time and again, as you spent more time with him and as his smile became burned into your memory.
You weren’t sure if what you were feeling was love or not but you knew you had feelings for him. For Lie Ren.
* * *
The bell over the door signaled someone entering the cafe and just by glancing at the clock you knew it was him before you even saw. You exited the kitchen as Ren walked passed the front counter, dressed in his school uniform. He smiled when he saw you and you greeted him warmly, more so than any other customer.
Ren took his seat at his usual table by the window as you began preparing his drink behind the counter. He rarely ordered anything different, making it so he never had to place an a
:iconinfinite-word-forge:Infinite-Word-Forge 76 7
Two For Joy [Qrow x Reader]
        “Remind me again why you’re here?”
        Stuffing your hands deeper into your jacket pocket, you sidestep a fallen log on the mountain path you currently follow, doing your best to hide your stumble as a smaller branch catches your toe. “Because I asked Ozpin if I could accompany you, and he agreed.”
        Catching his red glare, you do your best to smile as he huffs and returns his gaze forward. “He should know better.”
        “Why? I think we make quite the team.”
        “You know damn well why, and he should too.”
        Rubbing your hand along the back of your neck, you let your eyes wander up toward the tree canopies. “I can take care of myself, Qrow. You know this.”
:iconrensarou:Rensarou 51 15
Suprise visit (RWBY x Reader) Ozpin
Today was an important day for you. Currently, you were on a plane heading back from a mission in Vacuo to your home in Vale. There had been a spike of deathstalkers in the dry grasslands, and you had elected to travel with your teammate to help control the situation. In between hunts, you had traversed throughout the kingdom, marveling at its geography and structures alike. You'd even got a glance at Shade, the kingdom's huntsman academy.
But eventually, after braving vicious grimm and an equally harsh climate, you were ready to return home to the cool airs and familiarity of your home. Not to mention, a certain someone you've been waiting to see ever since your departure
After a few hours flight, the plane started to set down in its designated landing pad. You had specifically requested to be brought to the beacon courtyard for landing. After handling the grimm situation in Vacuo, you and your teammate actually managed to leave much earlier than anticipated, so you fi
:iconsexyhipster66:sexyhipster66 34 6
Bleeding Hearts II (Male!Ruby Rose x Reader)
Sitting at a little cafe, on the outskirts of town, a young aspiring to be Huntress is seated under the shade of the red and white striped umbrellas, stirring her coffee distractedly with her silver spoon, the other hand resting on her jade parasol. 
It had a taken a while for her to come back here to Vale, flown in even, since she still was schooling at Signal, but as she tip tapped her feet on the flight to Vale, the scenery blurring beneath her restless feet, she was reminded exactly why she was here, and the worth of the trip, since her dear friend Garnet now attended school here.
________ remembers the first day at Signal Academy well, the sun with its harsh light bearing down on her, and she seated in the very front of the room, as to see each student pass by her, but drawn to the red cloaked boy, that barrels into the classroom just as the bell rings, stammering apologies as he almost tripped over himself.
In response, she seeing him nervously shifting under the strict gaze
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 108 3
Bleeding Hearts I (Male!Ruby Rose x Reader)
"Garnet, you're staring. That's incredibly rude."
Eis Schnee absentmindedly brushes back short strands of his white hair and heaves a heavy sigh as he speaks almost tiredly.  His partner --finally-- breaks out of his reverie, who only smiles sheepishly and glances embarrassedly at his black and red combat boots, cheeks flushed a deep pink. 
"Ummm, ha hah..."
Garnet laughs somewhat nervously, almost nervously, as he twiddles his fingers in a gesture that Eis is familiar enough with to know it means Garnet is almost lying, but not. There's also a slight tremor to Garnet's voice that he detects, but not the point  --anyone who was listening for it could hear the nervousness-- so Eis only rolls his light blue eyes in exasperation, when Garnet smiles with flushed cheeks. "Was I really?"
"Yes, for...." Eis briefly glances at the whimsical clock hanging on the wall to assess the time. They found quaint streetside cafe, a while ago, around the time they started class at Beacon A
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 176 10
Lie Ren x Reader
You looked at the clock and gasped. You were going to be late.
"Ren! Ren! Wake up!" You opened your boyfriends door and rushed to his bedside. He looked so beautiful when sleeping. He black hair
scattered across his peaceful face. You almost didn't want to wake him.
You poked his cheek. "Ren."
You poked his face again. "Ren, wake up."
He groaned, turning away from you and pulling the sheets over his face.
With a sigh, you placed your hands on your hips, thinking of what to do next. You grabbed the sheets and ripped then off of him, revealing his half naked, sleeping body. Your face turned bright red.
Rolling back over, he grabs your wrist, pulling you down to him, and pinning you under him.
"Sleep." He says gruffly.
You squirm about under him, "B-but Ren! We are going to be late!"
He snuggles closer to you and tightens his grip around your body.
You sighed, "Five more minutes and that's it. No more sleeping after that."
He smirked and nodded.
"Ren! It's been ten minu
:iconcartershields:cartershields 19 1
Lie Ren x Reader : RWBY Part 2
The darkness of sleep...with nothing to guide you.
But then, waking in the infirmary. Ruby, Jaune, Phyrra, Nora...You saw no one to your left. But then, looking to your right...
A sleeping Lie, at your foot. He was literally on your foot. You try to sit up without disturbing him. Ruby bursts in, dragging the silver haired girl behind her. “- see what you've done, you'll...” Ruby stares right at you, then at Lie, then at Weiss, then back to you. “WHEN DID YOU WAKE UP!? WTF?! Does anyone know?ANSWER!”She yells, after hugging you. Lie woke up, looked at Ruby, then went back to sleep. Lol. To reply, you just shake your head. “Weiss, apologize.” Weiss sticks up her nose, pouting. “As your team leader I command you.” Ruby lays her hand on her weapon ('Crescent Rose', a scythe rifle) as if to intimidate Weiss.
“Hmph. Fine. Sorry, but you should watch what your doing. You could have gotten me expelled for my attack! Why would you do such a
:iconrwbyjnprcrdl:RWBYJNPRCRDL 100 17
Lie Ren x Reader : RWBY
"We're gonna be late!" You heard a stressed voice from the other room and that's when we legged it out the building.
In 'monster biology', you're sat next to Jaune and a girl with short, red hair. There are other kids around you, but they're mostly blacked out.
 “Hey Ruby! This is the new girl, (Y/n). (Y/n), This is Ruby Rose, she's only a year younger than you.” Jaune points out.
 “Oh, so you're younger as well?” You nod. “Well,  nice to meet you. You're lucky. You don't have to deal with an heiress with high expectations...Weiss will put you on edge when you're just trying to show her you're capable. But anyway, when there's a chance, you can hang out with us, (Y/n).” said Ruby, ruffling her short hair.
 “Class, here is the list of your biology partners. Just read it off and go find them.” The teacher pinned the list to the wall, and you're with...(please be Ruby...)...Lie Ren. Not too bad.The first time you
:iconrwbyjnprcrdl:RWBYJNPRCRDL 122 10
Reverie (Lie Ren x Reader)
That morning, a very tired Lie Ren staggered sleepily down the halls. His partner, Nora, was nowhere to be seen, a quite unusual sight, and rare to say the least. 
She had disappeared somewhere between their dorm and the hall, vanishing among the bustle of the students, leaving Lie Ren lagging behind, though he could care less, because in his current state of tiredness, drifting in between sleep and consciousness, it was difficult to keep his eyes open. 
Nora was undoubtedly at the hall, as this morning, while Lie Ren sleepily brushed his teeth, she was already dressed in her uniform,, and chattering nonstop about new students arriving. He supposed right now, his best friend was probably searching for him frantically, wondering where she had lost him.
Either way, in his half conscious state, a small force collided into him, sending both of them flying to the ground. But he didn't mind so much as it was most likely an accident. But the person was sort of sprawled on top o
:iconblackfang-124:BlackFang-124 195 39
Hope of Morning || Reader x Mercury
You had wanted to be alone. Loneliness was dangerous when fighting a mental illness, the negative feelings built up so easy without the comforting noise your friends surrounded you with.
Not that many of the people here were your friends really, just people your boss wanted eradicated and hopeless. The White Fang looked down on you, despite the fact that you tirelessly worked with them to reach their goal, one that you only sort of supported. You wanted the equality of Faunus and human alike, but the violent ways they had turned to and the ruthlessness...
It scared you.
"Hey, baby girl. Roman wants you," you looked up from the grey metal of the warehouse you were currently holed up in. Your eyes blinked slowly at Mercury, who watched with a raised eyebrow. You moved your fingers, trying to count how many you could feel, trying to open your mouth to talk. The man sighed after a second, coming to kneel down in front of you. "It's been three hours since dinner," he said conversationally.
:iconprussianbabi:PrussianBabi 41 10
Shiro x Reader - Closer
        The night wasn’t going exactly the way you thought it would, considering you were at a party. Not exactly your idea of a great time, but the music was good and the ocean breeze felt nice compared to the early June heat. Your friends looked to be having the time of their lives, though, so you stayed. You might not have met the love of your life otherwise.
        You were a ways away from the bonfire and surrounding drunks, far enough that you wouldn't be hit by sand when someone stumbled by you, but close enough to hear the punk music blasting from someone’s Bluetooth speakers. You were sitting on the ground in a pair of shorts and a tank-top, holding your red solo cup half-filled with a cheap-tasting local brew.
        Then, when you thought that you'd had enough of being a wallflower, a man came from the group and sat to the right of you. He was
:iconmelynie:Melynie 106 8
Blood x Reader
You were the second outsider. After Alice had returned home, you were the next player. You had heard the stories of how Alice had ventured through the countries of heart, clover, club and spade. Now it was your turn.
You were entirely different. You stayed at the Hatter’s Mansion with Blood, Elliot and the twins. You were friends with everyone much like Alice was. There was only one difference that made you stand out. Your love for Blood Dupree.
“So how did you like the book (y/n)?” Blood asked as you returned it to him
“I loved it, especially the plot. I was so captivated by it” you chirped
“I’m glad. It makes me happy to see you enjoying my library” Blood softly smiled as you lightly blushed
“I suggest this one. Tell me what you think of it once you’ve finished” Blood handed you a book that had a red leather binding.
You nodded and walked back to your room and began reading. The book was about a man who had plenty of p
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 99 9
Claiming tomorrow (V x Reader)
"Look this way, sweetheart."
"Don't, V."
V lowered the camera slowly, looking both parts puzzled and slightly hurt. It was a bright, sunny day today, the light streaming into your apartment and the open window allowing in a pleasant breeze. Spring was on its way. As you looked over at V, you took a fleeting moment to appreciate how beautiful he was, even simply hanging out with you, his signature sunglasses propped atop his soft teal hair.
"It's nothing. Just, you know I don't like having my picture taken. Besides, a world class photographer like you can surely find some better subject matter than just plain old me."
"Why would you say that?" V asked, not in a defensive or offended way, more like he earnestly wanted to understand.
Though it was still early days in your relationship, you were constantly finding new things you loved about V. Perhaps it was just something so new and exciting to you that was clouding your judgment, but you didn't care. Being with him was the
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 79 20
Waiting for you
The  calm  autumn  breeze was  a  bit  chilly  tonight. Waiting  for  my  boyfriend  was  a  chore  itself, but  it  all  was  worth  it once  he  came  back. I  made  sure  the  windows  were  closed  and locked  then got  out  some  cake  I  got  today.  Amon  was  very  picky  when  I  ate  sweets,  but he  knew  better  than to  just throw  them  away.  I  sat  on the  bed  we  shared  from  time  to time  when  I  slept  over.  The  scent  of  him  was  relaxing even  if  he  was  an awkward  person  at  times.  My  cellphone  started
:iconnarutoeatsasuke:narutoEATsasuke 39 13
By Your Side (Amon X Reader)
~A/N: Listen As You Read! ~
    As his lids slowly peeled open to reveal the glistening morning light, they only came to see a tent of snowy sheets about his figure and over his head as if it were protecting him. Even with the covers draped over his vision of the window, the amber hue still managed to break through the fibers of the blanket and glitter aimlessly onto the plush mattress. Inhaling sharply as he began to shift from his comfortable position, he tossed the sheets off of his form and squinted once he got a full view of the intense light. Birds outside the window had already begun chirping happily, as if they were a steady alarm to signal the beginning of his day. He propped himself up on his elbows, shuddering at the sudden draft reaching his exposed abdomen, yet he reluctantly widened his turquoise orbs to intake his surroundings, just as he had left them the night before. His shirt tossed neatly over the back of
:icongreystream:Greystream 114 28


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